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Consultation is by appointment only. Our phones are open from 8:00 am to take bookings. You may also make appointments via online-Health Engine.
Most appointments are booked for 10-15 minutes. Please make bookings for each person wishing to consult the doctor at the time of booking. This helps us to reduce waiting times for both yourself and others. If you have more than one health concern or a complex issue to discuss, please request a longer appointment at the time of booking. Please let our receptionist know.
If you are a first time patient we recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes early to fill in the forms and registration. Please keep us informed if you are unable to make it for the appointment at your earliest.
If you have any concerns or doubts about any treatment or procedures explained to you please talk to your general practitioner and/or seek a second opinion.

Maintaining the confidentiality of your personal health information is important to us. Therefore we have certain protocols in place in order to safeguard your privacy.

All computers are password protected and levels of access vary for different staff members, also all employees are bound by a confidentiality agreement. Your medical information will not be shared with any third party without your consent.

Due to time constraints, doctors are not always able to take non-urgent phone calls from patients. If necessary the receptionist will take a message, with returning your call at the discretion of the doctor. We prefer that patients make an appointment to discuss any concerns with a doctor in person.
It is important that you present for consultation with your doctor in order to obtain a medical certificate, any results, referrals, letters or repeat prescriptions. This ensures that we maintain confidentiality, fulfil our medical and legal obligations and follow medicare guidelines. The doctors are unable to issue medical certificates retrospectively.

A Medical Records Request Form will have to be completed in order to obtain any of your previous medical records. Please ask our friendly receptionists.

Some surgeries may charge a fee to release a copy.

We are a new practice and we welcome positive and negative feedback from our patients so that we can improve our services. You could write to us – The Director, Griffin Medical Centre, 228 Brays Road, Griffin, QLD-4503

Griffin Medical Centre will no longer bulk bill on Weekends and Public holidays. All New Patients will be charged a private fee

Our fees are structured reflect the time you spend with your doctor, the complexity of your issues, as well as the number of procedures performed during your consultation.

Note: All children 16 years or younger, Pension, Health Care & DVA Card holders are still bulk billed. All other patient’s who do not fall into the above category will be privately charged. All patients on Saturday are privately billed.

Effective: Monday, 5th December 2022

Weekends and other public holidays

Consultation Length Consultation Fee Rebate Your Cost
Standard $75.00 $39.75 $35.25
Long $130.00 $76.95 $53.05


Please Note:

  • Commercial Drivers Licence – $165.00 (Please bring a copy of these forms to your appointment).
  • Insurance, Superannuation, Passport, Health Fund, Work & School Forms – $220.00 (You will also require an appointment with the doctor to complete these).
  • Workers Compensation, Insurance & Third-Party Examinations – Upfront payment is required for all appointments and the fee will depend on the complexity & time taken.
  • Non-attendance Fee (DNA) – $40.00 (If you fail to attend your appointment or fail to cancel within the 2 hours prior to the appointment).
  • Flu Vaccine – $25.00 (You will also require an appointment with both the doctor & nurse for this vaccine).
  • Treatment Room Fee’s – $5.00 to $40.00 (The consumables used in the treatment room are not funded by the Government).

*You will be required to pay for your consultation at the time of your visit. No accounts will be issued, and payment can be made by cash or EFTPOS.

From: $ 120

Please ensure that you make an appointment to follow up for any results.

In some cases a practice staff member may call you to advice you that the doctor requires you to attend for results. Results will not be given over the phone in adherence with our Privacy Policy.

As part of our commitment to providing good health through preventative medicine, you may receive letters reminding you to attend the surgery for follow up appointments appropriate to your care. If you do not wish to participate in these reminder systems please notify our receptionists.

In order to provide you with the best possible care there may be instances when a referral to a specialist may be required. Please note that we are unable to back date referral due to legal requirements therefore ensure that you have a valid referral before your specialist appointment.
We provide flu vaccinations free of charge to eligible patients as part of the Government vaccination program. Those who are not covered by the government program can purchase the vaccinations at a cost from the Practice. Please enquire from the reception.

Book through HOTDOC.
Call Phone: (07) 3465 0660 for practice GP

Remember to call 000 for immediate attention in the event of a medical emergency

We have zero tolerance towards verbal and/or physical abuse of any kind toward our staff. Any patient displaying inappropriate behaviour will be asked to leave and will no longer be seen by this practice.